Dansville 5th Grade Website

Newsletter for the Week of June 6th, 2011

In Reading, Mr. Clickner’s class will finish Dear Mr. Henshaw .   Mrs. Henderson will finish Guided Reading Centers.   Mr. Hatch will finish guided reading centers by finishing James and the Giant Peach. 

In Language Arts, we will finish to work on our language practice sheets, guided reading center language activities, and DLR.

In Writing, the students will finish their 5th grade highlight paper.   

Spelling will be to study for quiz bowl 4.   

This week in math, all students will finish chapter 9 and study quiz bowl.

In science, the students will launch their bottle rockets Monday.  The rest of the week will be quiz bowl study. 

This week in Social Studies the students will finish their study of the 3 branches of government.  

In Power Up, we will finish working on Step-by-Step drawing model problem solving.  This is the basis for Singapore Math.   

Spelling :  Quiz Bowl 4 Words.                 

This is the last week of school.  The fifth grade teachers are very pleased with the progress of the students this year.  We wish them the best of luck in the future and hope they have a great summer.  We have several great things lined up this week.  Monday is the bottle rocket blast off day.  Wednesday is quiz bowl 4.  Thursday, we travel to Greenfield Village for the day.  The note sent home last week provides the agenda for the day.  We will see you all here at 7:15 am on Thursday.  Friday is our last day of the year.  It is also a half day.  Congratulations to Mr. Clickner.  Friday will be his last day teaching in Dansville Schools.  He has made a lasting impression on so many students in the Dansville community.  He will always be rememebered and will be dearly missed!! 

All students shall be proficient in all grade level content expectations. 

Grading Policy: Our fifth grade team encourages all students, at any time, to show that they are indeed proficient on any given concept. 

Translation:   ·        Graded assignments will be returned as promptly as possible.  The grade your child has earned will be on the front. 

                           ·        If your child would like to spend time reviewing the concept and work toward developing a better understanding of the assessment, they may.  Students or parents may request additional practice work or find practice work related to the assessment for their child to do on their own.

                           ·         Next, the student or parent may contact the teacher to request that the child complete a similar assessment to earn an improved score and show that they are proficient.  The child will do the assessment at school. 

                          ·        The new score they earn will be the score entered into the grade book.          

Please keep in mind that our team will not know whether your child would like to improve on a concept unless we are contacted directly by you or your child.  You may write us a note, send us an e-mail, or contact us by phone.   Thank you for partnering with us in an effort to provide the best opportunities for your child to feel successful and build real confidence in their learning! 

Sincerely,     Mrs. Henderson, Mr. Clickner, and Mr. Hatch